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Raw Material

    Ayn Textile Company have a very strict policy about raw materials.The employees of APC are well qualified and experienced in their fields.They check all aspect of material and supplier and then select the best raw material.APC Board of directors and all employee are fully commited that no compromise on qualtiy.

General Policy

Quality is the basic requirement for the satisfaction of our customers and the resulting competitiveness and economic success of Ayn Textile Company. The Executive Board dedicates itself to implementing and monitoring the following global quality policy principles.

  • Ayn Textile Company strives to further intensify the close cooperation with its all customers and the performance-oriented communication with its suppliers.
  • The continual improvement of our products, processes, and services combined with innovation is at the center of our endeavors. For this purpose, we strive to further optimize our organizational, operational, and technical processes. Quality management supports the business-oriented behavior of all parties involved.
  • Promoting employee satisfaction and quality awareness are major managerial functions in the entire company.
  • Commitment, professional competence, and personal responsibility are required from all Ayn Textile Company employees to achieve the goals based on the global quality policy principles. Employees know the input requirements to comply with quality in their area. Internal education is provided to help Ayn Textile Company employees fulfill their tasks.
  • The quality goals based on this policy are regularly defined, implemented, and monitored by the responsible parties within the framework of quality management at Ayn Textile Company.

Quality Control System

Ayn Textile have very strong quality control system accoriding to international principals.

  • Tufting Department
  • Printing Department
  • Weaving department
  • Final Processing Department

Every department of Company fully equiped with all instruments to check the quality.Every Product check by the quality controler of the relative department.After checking the products go to Final processing department. There again check the qulaity of all products by different ways to ensure the quality before sending to the customers.